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Megameet '21 - Ind std

Our next MEGAMEET is set for the 28th of August 2021
it's been too long since we've seen you, your machine, and the massive meets Scotland has become famous for!

Previous MEGAMEETs have attracted thousands of enthusiasts to a number of locations across the country, this time we're heading for Glasgow!

With over 4900 Facebook Responses to date, this is set to be one massive night for everyone involved.
We know how eager everyone is to be reunited, here is the perfect chance to meet friends, old and new.

The postcode goes live at 5PM
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Megameet '21 - Industrial Standard
7pm 'til late.
Glasgow  (Postcode Live 5PM)

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Falkirk cruise - june 2021

We had the wheel absolutely bouncing for Falkirk Cruise June 2021, the atmosphere on the night was unbelievable, we had everything from supercars to sh;tboxes.



Check out all the media from the night here. 



drone shot.jpg

Cruise Irvine - May Mayhem 2021

Cruise Irvine may mayhem was an absolute belter, busiest we have ever seen it throughout the years. With a varied selection of cars on show for the night, what's not to love? 


Full article available here soon.

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