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2021 Write up & review

Is Need For Speed Underground 2 the greatest street racing game ever made? or is this a case of looking back through 'rose-tinted' glasses? 

How does it play? How does it hold up compared to later Need For Speed titles? & how does it compare to newer street racing games?


Jump into our write up and re-discover the world of Need For Speed Underground 2 in 2021.


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Falkirk Cruise!

fiesta and e30 FTOM May 2021 SCS.jpg

From past to present, we have a look at Falkirk Cruise

How cruise culture and the scene have changed locally.

Also some of the previous cars spotted at Falkirk Cruise.

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Peugeot 106 XSi
Kyle Johnstone

Website feature cover photo.jpg

From rot to hot, Kyle has transformed this little Peugeot 106 from rotten relic to a proper flashback to 90's haute couture! 
With a mass of restoration work, a handful of period correct modifications and a few modern touches, we can't wait to see this hit the streets in 2021. 

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Charged Honda civic ep3
John Dodds 


In this feature we take a look at John's supercharged EP3. 

This thing is an absolute weapon on the street and we had a great time at the shoot!

This Civic has had a mass of work and is constantly evolving and getting faster!

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