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nissan skyline r33 gts-t 

Fiona Spence 

If cars could tell their own stories, this one would be able to write a biography. 

From rough to ready, Fiona's Skyline has went through a lot in her short time owning it. We'll get into the depths during the article. 


The car was gifted to Fiona by the previous owner Nadia (pictured on the right of the car)







It's not so often a car becomes a regular at Scottish Car Scene events between the ownership of two different people. Most people's project cars get broken for parts or sold on and never seen again, but Fiona's Skyline just keeps showing up, we have pictures of this very car taken at events we hosted dating away back to the first This is The Cruise event in 2017. 

When Nadia gifted the car to Fiona, she felt it was the best place for it to go to, with Fiona's partner Danny knowing his way about these cars, also owning a big power R33 GTR himself. When we caught up Fiona & Nadia, we were told by Nadia "it was the best place for the car to go at the time"





Before even Nadia's ownership the Skyline was once silver. The previous owner decided to have it respray it Bayside Blue, the same colour the R34 GTR was available in from factory. A very nice touch!

The Skyline has also  had it's fair share of mechanical maintenance throughout it's time with both Nadia and Fiona. 

The biggest mechanical struggle for the car so far has been the fact that it kept spinning bottom end bearings, it became Danny and Fiona's job to find out why it kept doing this. 




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