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Modified Twingo RS 133 CUP

Photography by J8Media_

I'd be lying if I said I'm not a sucker for french superminis and anyone that knows me will confirm, however I don't think it should be exclusive to just french car lovers to have a love for the Twingo RS 133 CUP. Even in standard guise these wee nuggets are an absolute riot down a tight country road - a true leader of it's class, especially when there really wasn't much else on the market in this segment at this point in time.

So what makes this supermini so special then?

Well to start with being a 'cup' car it comes from factory as a stripped out version of the normal Twingo RS, meaning you lose Aircon, auto headlights, auto wipers, sunroof, RS monitor and sunroof, but in return you get a car that is 10% stiffer, 4mm lower and had 17" alloys from factory making it a much more raw feeling car to drive, much along the same lines as Peugeots 'Rallye' variant cars (205/306/106).

But this isn't a factory spec example, and we think it looks pretty cool, so what mods are on Lucys Twingo?

Photography by J8Media_

JR 16X8 Wheels.

Tegiwa rear boot spoiler.

Direnza Lowering springs.

K-tec Stainless exhaust system.

Carbon Fibre Air Intake.

Custom Front Bumper.

Custom Rear Bumper.

Fli door speakers.

Alpine bluetooth headunit.

Photography by J8Media_

Lucy bought this Twingo RS133 Cup a couple of months ago as a daily driver after the engine in her Yaris T-Sport unfortunately died, We asked her how the Twingo compares to the T-Sport and she told us "I'll always love my T-sport, but what I love about the Twingo is it's handling, the Twingo definitely has better grip, it has the extra power over the T-sport and it's been a lot more reliable than the Yaris, it feels more compact but much safer to drive."

The Twingo RS 133 cup is pretty cool in my book, I think these are a little forgotten to people who don't really know french cars and that's a shame, RenaultSport don't mess about when it comes to drivers cars and the Twingo was no exception to that, yeah it might not have the same sort of power as a Megane RS or a Clio Sport, but that by no means makes it any-less exciting to drive. It's a less is more kind of car.

Thank you to Lucy for getting in touch with us to do a wee mini feature on her Twingo, and a shoutout to J8Media_ for his shots of the car.

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