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Show winning Lupo - Shitbox to Showcar

I'm not normally a massive fan of Lupo's personally, but Peters build is one I've been following pretty much since day one, there's just something about his style of modification and some of the extra's he's added, takes it back to times gone by...

That in itself makes this wee lupo a seriously mad motor & one that has to have it's story told. Handmade rear lights, front & rear bumpers and an in car entertainment system that some early 00's could only have dreamt of.

eter started with a totally blank canvas for his project with the Lupo as pictured here the car looks like your average grannys Lupo. So what's he done to turn this car into the car that won best modified European at Scottish Festival of Motoring 2021? 

​First step to modifying the Lupo, it needed some lows, the land rover stance just doesn't suit it too well, so Peter figured the best way to remedy that would be to get a set of coilovers for it, this gave him an good idea on how he wanted the car to sit. 

After this he set about sourcing a set of wheels for it, because lets be honest the heavy trendy wheel trims and standard steel wheels weren't quite cutting it here...

A set of wheels had been sourced, not in the usual location you'd expect to find showcar wheels. Peter found the ideal set of wheels in a breakers yard.

However as you can see they weren't exactly to a showcar standard, the dishes were pretty badly corroded. Peter refurbished the dishes, spending hours sanding them by hand then polishing them back up to a mirror finish, that's some commitment if you ask me.

Now right back at the start of this write up I mentioned this car has an in car entertainment system that early 00's lads would only dream of and I wasn't kidding neither, a Ripspeed DV720 flipscreen head unit (and yes that is the Fast and the Furious on playing on the screen), this is hooked up to 1 x 12" subwoofer within an MDF false floor and 2 x  8" subs (now in a custom made parcelshelf). 

​All of the bootbuild was done by Peter himself - from sourcing the sound system equipment to hand making the mdf surrounds for the subs and false fllor, plus the wiring work as well connecting it all up & making it look mega tidy in the process. 

So what else has been done to the interior then? 

Well for starters the boring old Lupo seats have been swapped out for a set of Recaros, which I must say suit the car so much better, and they look like they'll hold the driver & passenger in much better. 

The steering wheel has been swapped for a MOMO wheel, originally coming with a black centre so peter sanded it down by hand and polished it to a mirror finish. The door cards have had their fabric reupholstered again personally by Peter, this car really is one of those ones where the small little personal touches really count. 

What body upgrades have been done? 

Peter has done all the bodywork on the car himself, from sourcing a mad set of ABT sideskirts for it to smoothing and painting the front and rear bumper, what a job he's done of it, the paintwork on the car looks absolutely amazing, it really does stand out from the crowd at meets and shows.

Can we also just take a minute to admire how cool that carbon bonnet looks, that bonnet in itself is such a huge head turner, looks like something straight out of a 00's tuner mag, I'd also like to add in the bonnet was clear coated with rattle cans the day before the car was drop off for showcase. That is absolutely mental. 

Peters Lupo attracted so much attention at Festival of Motoring that he truly deserved to win a prize, not only for the amount of attention he gathered but also for the level of detail and amount of work he's put into making this car stand out. It really is a homebuilt hero. 

What plans are there for the future? 

Well Peter wasn't for telling us all, as the car has just been accepted for showcase at Scottish Festival of Motoring 2022, however he did tell us some things that are looking mad already. 

He's currently working on custom rear Lexus styled lights. Again not something I'm normally a fan of but the way he's done the smoothing on them and painted them to match the car looks spot on. The wheels are also set for a colour change, Peter says he's looking to do them a colour that's going to pop as he's now bored of the gold. 

We're looking forward to seeing what he has in store for this mas wee motor for this up-coming season. 

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