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Stock to showstopper - Audi A4 Avant

Sean's Audi A4 Avant started life as a bog standard 2.0TDI - "it wasn't supposed to be a showcar, it's just kind of happened, it's still daily driven as well - 300 miles a week and has over 180k on the clock" - I personally had no idea it was daily driven, I've always thought it was just a showcar, so what sort of modifications have went into getting the attention to detail on this thing so spot on then?

The first mod on the car was the AirLift 3P suspension, Rotiform CCV alloy wheels and a honeycomb grill - but Sean must have found the usual Audi mods a bit boring when he seen on Facebook one day on X-UK's page saying they were looking for cars to trial his newly made S-Line rear diffuser, Sean dropped him a message and got the diffuser posted to him, after installation he decided to take the trip down to Bradford to X-UK so they could see the car in person. This was when Sean noticed he had a widearch kit for the A4 sitting, so they test fitted it and that's when he knew that was the look he wanted for the car, so he got the widearch kit and RS4 front bumper sent up to Scotland. Sean decided he would fit the kit himself, which was a first for him, having never done anything like this before it was a challenge. Personally I think it is the kit that really sets this car apart from other Audi builds.

Now onto the next level, from the point of getting the widearch kit on the car Sean always felt like it was missing something "I felt the car was missing something and had came up with the idea of having this huge wing mounted to the back of it, so I hit up MGC Modifications and he designed the brackets to mount the wing as a custom order". "I then ran the plain black route for a while before deciding on getting the rear of the car wrapped with an urban camo style vinyl and fitted a set of facelift LED taillights to update the look"

Moving on to the interior modifications, the rear seats had been removed when the air ride kit was installed and had been left out, so he decided to go down the route of having a custom showcage installed, In the front we have a pair of Corbeau RRS bucket seats, A,B&C pillars have been re-trimmed, and a mega rare one of twelve Gorilla Autoworks steering wheel has been fitted.

For the 2023 season Sean decided to change the style of the car again, getting a set of 3 piece alloys custom made for it by Rimscarnated and again I must say these are a very tasteful choice, they really suit the car well.

For the 2024 season Sean is currently repainting the car a totally new colour to give it a fresh new look for another new show season, we'll be keeping an eye out for that once it's completed.

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