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The truth behind Scottish Car Scene - By Invite Only.

Updated: 2 days ago

We've had a few negative reactions to our invite only event #bio2024, some people seem to believe that holding invite only meets is unfair on those who want to attend but aren't invited. I'm here to breakdown the reasons behind BIO and the benefits it could have to scene in Scotland.

Why are we holding an invite only car meet? Truthfully it is a media event for us where our team will have the chance to get up-close and personal with some of the coolest cars in the country where we may not have this opportunity at other times, at other events we run or attend it can be very easy for us to go out full of intentions of getting some epic features for our website or magazine and end up deep in conversation with someone for four hours about something daft like why car manufacturers need to stop making their full line-up crossovers.

It also gives us a good opportunity to see cars we wouldn't see otherwise, and trying not to be offensive it also cuts down on the cars we don't really want to see, it may sound harsh but everyone has their own opinions on what they really want to see at a meet and ultimately so do we, sometimes looking at the same metal at every event can make things feel a bit stale for us so it's good to mix it up with a few events a year where we get to look at vehicles hand-picked by us.

So where can you see BIO if you can't attend? Well we have you covered on that as well, as this is quickly shaping up to be one of the most hyped events of the year, we understand there is still a want for people to see what is attending even if they aren't able to go, our media team will be out grabbing photo and video of the event all night and in the days following we will be working on getting a full magazine style feature completed. We are also looking at getting the cars from BIO their own space at Scottish Car Scene - Scene '24 that way everyone gets to see them in person.

BIO is a celebration of the coolest cars in the country and we're really looking forward to it.

All photography in this post is from our BIO meet in 2022, snapped by Compass Photographic.

Scottish Car Scene - BIO - 8th of June 2024.

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It will need a lot of energy of Scottish car scen to do the events similar to jap fest they're select cars with can attent. If car is not interesting they will not accept invitation and it's not allowed to attend to the meet

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