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- September 2020


"BIO" - What is it? & How was it started.

BIO stands for 'By Invite Only' a meet that is exactly what it says on the tin. We invite people with cars we think have a mad background story, we have them photographed by our media team and we feature them on the Scottish Car Scene website, socials and/or in the Scottish Car Scene - Magazine. 

BIO was first thought of by Chappy around 5 years ago, originally he had a larger scale event in mind. However over the years we've thought about how to work it and keeping it small is the best way to make it manageable and secretive.

Our aim with BIO is to tell the biography of the cars that attend, share with you their stories or why we think they are of interest. 

So let's jump into BIO - September 2020.



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Renault Sport Twingo 133


Frazer's wee twingo might not look like much to someone who doesn't know what it is. 

The Renault Sport Twingo 133 is a mad bit of kit. not overly high on horsepower but being Renault Sport it is one of the best handling platforms for not a lot of cash.



Very overlooked and underrated.


The Twingo being Liquid Yellow

makes the car even more special,

originally being one of six in the UK.,


we believe it is now only one of five

 one having an unfortunate accident.


Sadly Frazer has since moved on

from the Twingo,

but we're glad we got it out

to BIO back in September

before Frazer sold the car on.



We hope the new owner is getting

much enjoyment out of it. 


Nissan 200sx S13


We got Alex along to BIO after spotting his car on our Facebook group Scottish Car Scene - Community. 

Personally I really like the headlights on

the car,

they gave the front end of the car the

'sleepy eye' effect so many JDM fans


Alex informed the team that BIO was

one of the first times

the S13 had been out to a meet

since having a full engine strip down

and rebuild. 


Good S13's are getting pretty thin on the ground nowadays, it was good to see one that didn't look like it had been drifted into a wall. Alex said himself that he intended on tidying the bodywork up a bit but since the car had just had an engine rebuild he wanted to enjoy it for a while first.

r33 skyline gts-t


Fiona's Skyline is no stranger to Scottish Car Scene events, it's not often that a project car shows up to our events over the space of 4 years between two different owners. 

A gift to Fiona from a very good                    friend 'Dash' has went to a loving          home.

        Fiona didn't waste time with the            car neither having recently had a          full engine rebuild after it was                found to be suffering with a                    warped crankshaft, Fiona had                issues with the car destroying        bottom end bearings. 


The car under previous ownership has benefited from a full respray in 'Bayside Blue' the R34 GTR colour. 

During the strip down and rebuild the car benefited from a speclist as long as my arm -


,Long nose crankshaft, ACL race main and big end bearings, OEM Nissan oil pump, N1 water pump, HKS timing belt kit, 750CC inkectors, Walbro 255 in-tank fuel pump, large front mount intercooler + hard pipe kit, Link G4+ ECU & harness, Link boost controller, Hybrid internal turbo, Japspeed alloy radiator, Apexi induction kit, aircon delete, decat & full stainless exhaust system and a stage 2 organic ACT clutch kit.


Kanjo inspired civic!


We invited Donna along to BIO after spotting her civic around the Falkirk Area.

At first she was a it reluctant to come along saying herself the car is "nothing special".

We disagree, although it doesn't actually much in the way of power upgrades, we love the styling of it, and even better most of the work has been carried out at home by 

Donna and her mates, can't ask for much more than that really. 

We love how unique the style of Donna's civic is, it's not a style you

see here often.



Classic MINI


Daniel guy's little mini is another car that is by no means a stranger at Scottish Car Scene events.

So what else is Daniels mini hiding that doesn't meet the eye? 

Originally bought in 2016, the car was actually an automatic, Daniel converted it to a manual, it's got fully adjustable suspension with adjustable shock absorbers, a 998cc ex stock car engine, flat top +20 pistons, a mild lift cam, big valve head with double valve springs, polished and ported inlets and outlets, a larger inlet manifold, SU HIF 44 Carb with a K&N panel filter, upgraded distributor and ignition system, straight through exhaust system with RC40 backbox, the roof has been wrapped red and it now features a set of Minilites.


Daniels mini had stupid low mileage when he picked it up. Daniel told us "the car was unbelievably rust free, it had only covered 21,000 miles, it has had very minimal paintwork done, the driverside has had a small dent repair but other than that the bodywork is totally original, it's never been welded!" 


Charged ep3 civic

When we spotted this EP3 Civic Type 

R with a very distinctive whine, we knew we had to get it along to BIO for a closer look.

When we got up-close and personal with the car we learned how much of a mad motor John's

EP3 actually is...


This EP3 was running a Jackson racing supercharger making 315BHP, RC650cc injectors,

AEM fuel rail, Tegiwa carbon fibre induction kit, Jackson Racing 4-2-1exhaust manifold, Integra DC5 gearbox w/ a factory fitted LSD,

BC racing coilovers, adjustable top mounts,

JDM rear anti roll bar, Brembo big brake kit, Goodridge braided flexi lines.

2.5' custom made middle section to twin

pipe backbox, Skunk 2 lower control arms,

3 piece Exedy clutch kit &

Nangkang AR-1 semi slick tyres. 

Quite the spec-list for a car that doesn't look 

too far from standard on the exterior. The best part is, John has since got a bit bored of the

car but instead of selling it, he's decided to

strip it down and start doing a turbo conversion on it.


The man is mad for power by the sounds of 

it, we can't wait to see the car back out

making turbo noises. 


eVO vi


We invited Yvonne and her Evo out to BIO back in September, even with it's spoiler missing it still looks amazing.

This car is pretty well known around the cruise, meet and show scene in Scotland. Yvonne being owner of Scottish Cars &             Bikes is a big help with that,           Yvonne is no stranger to                 Scottish Car  Scene meets             neither, having been a                   supporter from the very                 early days, even bringing               the largest club stand to               our  Season Starter show               back in 2019 at Knockhill                 Racing Circuit. 



So why did we invite Yvonne a long with her evo and why is it special? 

So for those that don't know, Yvonne's Evo VI is