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Written and edited by Paul Young.

28th March 2022

stock to stanceboi -
homebuilt heros

It takes a lot to stand out within the modified civic scene. Cameron's Civic has been a build I've followed personally right from the start, it's been an epic transformation and I'm happy we get to cover the story of what has went into this mad build, it's another homebuilt hero, the majority of the work done on the driveway!

Keep reading to find out what makes Cameron's Civic a real head turner.



Starting with a totally standard car on it's heavy trendy wheel trims back in September 2018, the car featured a mega powerful 1.5L LSI non vtec engine.

Cameron had been told the car was for the most part solid so he flew from Glasgow to Luton to collect it, unfortunately the car was not as clean as had been stated, however he wanted it regardless so he bought it anyway.


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